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Welcome to my author site

This is the official website for Paul Moder Author. In addition to my forays into film, performance and photography, novel writing holds a solitary and insular appeal to me that sits apart from the immediacy and social imperative of my other creative pursuits. Through novel writing, I can further explore the creed that drives all my art, that of Forma, Veritas, Atrocitas (Beauty, Truth, Horror) The belief that all must go through a journey of horror and darkness to find the truth about life and themselves, and only then, can they appreciate beauty and find redemption or salvation. I make no secret of the fact that writing is where I let my demons off their leash and channel the ghosts who shadow my wayward, daylight meanderings. They are the ones really pushing the pen anyway...So, I hope you join me on the journey. Money is not my God, nor fame or recognition, it's about the work dear readers, the work...

Paul Moder


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